Home Inspections

What is a home inspection?

Your Home Inspector will normally take 3-4 hours to go through the complete home. From that, he will create a Report. You will receive a professional opinion, based on strict standards, on the condition of all the components, structure and property. The result of the inspection is highly detailed so you get a clear picture of the actual conditions of the property.

After the inspection, you will probably know the condition of the house and property better then the existing home owner.

Some inspections find hidden problems which might require an expensive fix or replacement; other inspections can show the structure and property is better than expected. All inspections are focused on giving the client an accurate and unbiased report so clear decisions can be made based on facts.

Bad Renovations; Terrible Investment

The home was built in 1972, and over the years a variety of changes and additions were done.

Upon inspection, especially inside the walls, it was obvious that inexperienced workers or owners had done a variety of changes: most of the changes didn’t meet building standards.

ISSUE 1:The potential owner was told that if he purchased the home, and the City did an inspection, they could tell the new owner to tear down and remove sections of the unauthorized construction to the building.

The client didn’t realize how badly the home was built and renovated over the years. And the problems would have lead to very expensive work in order to repair the problems.

ISSUE 2: Alternatively, the city may allow the renovation and addition but will increase the tax assessment for the property. If that new assessed rate is much higher than the current assessed value, the new owner’s budget would be significantly affected.

ISSUE 3: If there were a fire, the fire inspectors would do their routine search to determine the cause of the fire and why it spread. If a structure “doesn’t meet typical building standards” then the fire insurance can be voided, putting the complete cost on the homeowner. There is a greater chance that homes not meeting code have fire hazards in them.

Excellent Construction Quality

Some homes are constructed by master trades people. The design, framing, wiring, plumbing and finishing all show top quality work.

When the inspector can’t find problems, it’s unusual. Most home have small mistakes that won’t be a problem. When a home has almost no problems, then the inspector knows that careful work was done, using excellent materials and it was completed by building over the BC Building Code Minimum Standards. Then the inspector can determine the home is an excellent investment.

Scary Details; What To Watch For

You don’t need to be a home inspector to find:

-Textured interior walls. Those are a health hazard and are not allowed.
-Shellac over wallpaper. Very easy to burn, and spreads fire.
-Bars on windows. If a home is burning, windows might be needed to open quickly and let people escape. That’s why bars on windows are against fire codes.

Focus Inspections understands the fine points in home construction and repairs, and the Building Code Standards. Sometimes repair work may be necessary but at low cost. Other times it can show the structure is not fit for residential use.

Inspection Report Format

The standard Inspection Report is created from a series of pre-written statements. The alternative: Focus Inspections’ reports are original. This way you know every comment is something that has been carefully notices and then commented on.

Get an ASTT BC certified Commercial Inspection.