Our building is a commercial and residential high-rise building and Steve Banfield was awarded the position to provide us a Depreciation Report.

The building is a very complex site with large and complicated components. Steve was able to review and identify all the systems and provide a comprehensive report on the conditions of these systems and a complete maintenance report. The Contingency Fund models Steve provided us have allowed us to anticipate failures and funding to replace or repair these systems. Steve’s insight to strategies has been very helpful.

Ed Andal

Steve came on as our Depreciation Report provider and helped us understand all the aspects of a depreciation report. He did a complete inspection of the two buildings and brought to light all the deficiencies. He found some we were unaware of.

In the report provided, Steve gave us several strategies we could work within our existing Contingency Fund.  The plan was well received by our owners.

Steve has been actively providing great advice at the council meeting in regards to keeping the strategies of the deprecation report on track.

Jim Mischook

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